Doctor's Profile

Dr.Adfer Gul

MBBS,M.S.(Gen.Surgery), Surgery)

Professional Membership: Life time Member of Associate Surgeons of India.

 Experience: 11 months senior residency in General Surgery from SKIMS Worked as Plastic Surgeon in Alfamax Hospital Rampur for one and half year. one year senior residency in plastic surgery from SKIMS.

Now, currently working as a Consultant in Apex Hospital, Moradabad

Speciality  in my work as Plastic Surgeon with speciality training in Burn management, Post traumatic/Post Burn contracture management, Tendon/ Nerve/Arterial repair, Re implantation/ Revascularization, Lip reconstruction, Cleft Palate repair, Z plasty, Flap cover(Groin flap, Reverse Sural artery flap, transposition flap, rotation flap, atasoy flap,cuttler flap),PRP injection, hair transplant, facial scar management, tatoo removal, abdominoplasty, gynaecomastia surgery, wrist injuries, hand injuries etc.

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