Apex Endolap 2023

Dear Ma’am/Sir,
It is our pleasure to announce “APEX ENDOLAP 2023” – live Gynaec endoscopy workshop with direct one to one interaction in OT. The workshop is designed to aid the attendees in starting laparoscopy as well as to hone the skills of others ready for advanced Gynaec laparoscopy.
It is a one day programme with 3-4 cases planned to provide exposure in different kinds of Gynaec pathologies.

Date : 29th January 2023, 10 am onwards.

Venue : Apex Hospital, Moradabad.

Course faculties:
1. Dr. Magan Mehrotra –  Basics of laparoscopy and energy devices.

2. Dr. Leena Mehrotra –  3D laparoscopy and live demonstration

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